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Europe is on the move, the revolution is happening. The Euro is here. The Euro is now.

Welcome to the "Euromaths" Web Site. We hope you will join us in our educational adventure. The adventure is an an exploration in which we will try to find ways of helping children in our European schools as they earn to use the Euro and think about what it means to have a single currency for Europe.

Our project is funded by the European Union. It brings together universities, teachers and schools from Finland, Germany and Hungary, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom in an exciting new review of how to teach maths in schools. Over the next three years, using the Euro as our main focus, we will try to open-up some important questions about the teaching of maths. And, we will be developing some new, innovative materials for teaching our students about money.

There are many issues and topics for us to explore. Some are about how to use the Euro to calculate, to measure, to compare prices and values. Some are about how European markets work. And some are about being responsible for financial affairs in the 21st century.

Enjoy our work site and do encourage pupils and students to send in their comments, questions and contributions.

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